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Culk (AT), Headwaves (US/CZ)

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On relationships, power structures and the unspoken. In-between timelessness and the Zeitgeist, Culk are releasing their self-titled debut album.

The young ensemble from Vienna astonishes with unexpected alluring moments of suspense and melodic breaks — torn between meditative trance, exuberant essence and pure ecstasy.

Distorted sounds, edgy guitars and rhythmic patterns reminiscent of Psychedelic Rock and 60ies Nonchalance à la Velvet Underground are mixed with hints of Shoegaze and Post-Punk. The result: An engaging album that’s shrouded in shivering atmosphere — comforting yet tense, welcoming yet challenging, accessible yet complex. An intricate record that reveals itself progressively with each listen.

Songs such as “Begierde/Scham”, “Faust” or “Velvet Morning” are going to evoke a tranquilizing thrill that follows through the entire output and will showcase the great potential these four sophomore musicians have.

HEADWAVES is a four piece group, based out of Seattle, WA. The music is a mix of hazy dream pop, heady rhythms and lush synth rock.
Headwaves are:
Ryan Barber
Larson Haakenstad
+ guest musicians:
Jirka Hes
Jakub Baierl
Matěj Kubíček