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Nelikvid party

| 200 Kč
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You live in a country where no one has ever invited you to stand under their umbrella? Where you’ve never dropped it like it’s hot? Never been held by seven nations army? And never had one chance one opportunity to blow up the dance floor with Britney, bitch? But deep down you really really want to, or, at least a little? No worries, brother, we’ve got you covered. All we need from you is to take your boys (and girls) via green line to our NELIKVID party. Ahh... One more thing, please, leave out those pro leavers people, tories, Karen, Trump supporters and such, ok? There will be cool girls, drinks, music and the night you will definitely remember (or not), the rest is up to you.

Entrance fee 200 Kč, after 00:00 250 Kč

Doors open at 22:00 until 3:00