Po 18. 3.

Hubris. (CH), Pure Bedlam (PL), In2Elements (PL)

19:00 | 300 Kč
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Swiss powerhouse Hubris. are back in Europe, this time accompanied by two Polish groups: Pure Bedlam and In2Elements. Prepare for a night full of post rock, progressive metal and post hardcore!
HUBRIS. (CH) is a Swiss instrumental band from Freiburg. Founded in 2014, the quartet is distinguished by its original style combining electronic atmosphere with elements of metal and progressive genres. The group is currently promoting their latest album "The One Above", which was released on February 10, 2023. Only this year, Hubris toured the USA, India, Australia, Western Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as performed at Dunk Festival and Post Festival. Hubris concerts are packed with a lot of energy, which makes every one of them an unforgettable experience.

PURE BEDLAM (PL) – 90's worship mixed with alternative rock, post hardcore, emo and a few other ingredients. Imagine At the Drive In, Jimmy Eat World and Poison The Well all going out for a beer. They debuted in 2021with „Taking Shape” and a year later returned with „The Sightseer” which showcased their more melodic side. The band is currently working on their third album.
IN2ELEMENTS (PL) started out in 2017 as a solo instrumental project by guitarist Adam Szopa, inspired by ambient/post music. After releasing „The World to Come” EP in 2018 and a well-received full length album „Cold” in 2019, the project evolved into a full band. Joined by Krzysztof Rutka (ex-Transmission Zero) on bass and Michał Szendzielorz (Gallileous) on drums the trio released two albums since: „Cycles” in 2020 and "It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn" in 2022.