Čt 4. 4.

Mirna B, Laye Beusse

19:00 | 250 Kč
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Night of influences from different sides of the world, connected in Prague.
Two freshly baked singer songwriters prepared 3h show as a journey through styles.
Mirna B
Singer - Songwriter from Croatia, based in Prague.
Live performance music show with theatrical elements.
One hour Journey through colour palette of emotions. A show that plays with your soul.
A compilation of covers from different artists, different times, and original songs with elements from all music genres combined with modern sounds and improvisation in the moment.
3 voices. 2 guitars. Percussions.
Performing with M&M&M Trio
Mirna B, the lady with a hat
-> lead vocal, guitar
Marcio, the spaceship operator
-> lead guitar, bass, backing vocals
Morfeas, the bang bang machine
-> percussion, backing vocals
Currently preparing for the release of first original EP coming out in 2024:
Mirna B - Blame
Laye Beusse
Laye Beusse is an artist who comes from Senegal, he composes his own music in the style of afropop, soul, blues and jazz. His songs are written in Senegalese national languages (Wolof, Diola) combined with French and English. The band Layebeusse Family consists of very talented international musicians, who all happen to live in Prague at the moment and share passion and enthusiasm for the afro-pop rhythms.
Performing with:
Laye Beusse (Senegal): Vocals, acoustic guitar
Fuad (Syria): Electric guitar
Maor (Izrael): Base guitar
Fali (Senegal): Drums
Elo (Senegal): percussion
Laye Beusse has just finished recording his first album called “Souvenir” (Memories). Check it out!
Youtube music:
We invite you on a journey of rhythm, harmonies and melodies from the heart of Africa.